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Ladies and Gentleman, we have a Mobile!

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a Mobile!
February 20, 2008 Mary Jo

About a month ago, I decided to participate in a mobile swap. The jist: I make a mobile, send it off to some lucky recipient, and then go wait by my mailbox for mine to arrive. A pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. I’ve seen lots of swaps out there in the crafty underground, but this is the first one that reeled me in. My friend Meg, at Elsie Marley organized it and set up a Flickr group for everyone to post their results.

True to myself, I waited till the very last minute to finish it. And start it. And it wasn’t for a lack of trying – I was really fired up to start it after getting my swap-ee’s name but then crazy, crazy life got in the way. And that sinus infection. So here I am, on the very last day that these are to be mailed.

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

My swap-ee is in London, so I had to narrow down all my ideas to ones that would be light and not cost a fortune to ship. I had this beautiful lacy paper left over from our wedding invitations. (Which I made, painstakingly, each and every one, by hand. A pretty good sign that you’re marrying the right man: when he helps, doesn’t complain, and seems to understand that it’s absolutely required that we make them ourselves)

A little papier mache here, some hand sewing there, a walk outside for some grapevine, and a mobile is born. Beautiful.

Adding it all up, I think the photographing, blogging, and packing up part will take longer than the actual construction of it. Which took me about 2 episodes of Sesame Street. Give or take an Elmo’s World.

I’m really amused by how my daily thought process has changed with the advent of this blog. I find myself planning out my activities in snapshot format, wondering how they might play out online and then chide myself for being so contrived. And then I rebut my criticism: it’s DOCUMENTATION, not performance. Yeah, right.

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