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This weekend was a smashing success!

This weekend was a smashing success!
March 3, 2008 Mary Jo

Oh, what a wonderful, productive weekend it was! My parents came to visit in honor of my birthday, and were kind enough to arrive armed with super-surprise-birthday-prizes and a delicious cake.

And that was just the start. I whipped together this lovely pillow, from an adaptated pattern by Denyse Schmidt.

And while I was doing that, my mom whipped up these:

And Dad caught this:

And the Lovely Ladies set another new record:

(I promise I won’t be posting egg pics EVERY time they increase their output…)

And Frosty the Snowman was born, lived a few short hours, then tipped over to rest on his back and gaze up at the sky.

Ahhh. What a weekend it was!

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