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Kissing my twenties goodbye.

Kissing my twenties goodbye.
March 5, 2008 Mary Jo

Hello 30.

I find birthdays to be kind of like New Year’s – a really great opportunity to reinvent myself or get a fresh start at something. This year, I’m pretty confident that I’ve ALREADY reinvented myself quite enough, thank you very much. And I’m very satisfied with the current direction that we’re headed.

But I do need a haircut, and bad. It’s been almost a lifetime ago since the last one… indeed, before we moved. Come to think about it, I think this time of year habitually finds me in the stylist’s chair, wincing at the ‘when was your last haircut’ question. I usually manage to trudge through the bulk of winter in a sort of apathetic daze, almost oblivious to the finer points of grooming, and completely out of touch with my reflection. Momma Bear has taken over, deep in hibernation, and thinks only of protecting her cub, sleep, and maybe making some pretty things here and there for her den. But now it’s time to wake up. It will almost be like a makeover: new hair, new me. New 30-year-old-me.

So in the grand spirit of reincarnation, I’ve got some things I’d like to manifest in the coming year. First, as a sort of birthday present to myself, I’m in the middle of cleaning out my studio space. It’s completely overrun with all sorts of things I no longer need and will be slowly getting rid of. But what a space it is – the best I’ve ever had! It’s in the former parlor of this house, with floor to ceiling windows and pocket doors. A real step up from the basement. (I’ll share some pics when it’s in some kind of working order) It seemed the best possible gift for me because there are sooooooo many things I’m itching to make, but not a square inch to work in that’s uncluttered. And I absolutely need to corral all that chaos in order to have any hope of being grounded, as I’m very cluttered and floaty and frenetic all on my own.

As far as gift-giving goes, this is right on track for me: a little behind schedule.

I’d also like to continue gaining competence and wisdom as an herbalist. This past fall officially marked the start of this study, and I look forward to plunging forward, full speed ahead. I’d ultimately like to cater to pregnant women and children, so it would be very serendipitous to be my own guinea pig. wink-wink.

Then there’s all the other things on my radar screen: the garden, chickens, hopefully bees in the next year or so, and the absolute exhilaration of introducing Isadora to all of these things. It makes my heart sing to see her serve pretend Rosehip, Nettle or Echinacea tea to her babies. While singing “What Shall we do with a Drunken Sailor” or Monty Python’s “I’m a Lumberjack and I’m ok…” that Daddy taught her.

Being a parent sure is fun.

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