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And even MORE chicks arrive…Poppies will make them sleeeeeep.

And even MORE chicks arrive…Poppies will make them sleeeeeep.
March 10, 2008 Mary Jo

Thirty little sweeties, to be precise. Thank GOD they don’t require all the trappings of our OTHER chicks – food, heat, water… Note the wonderful variety of heirloom breeds in here: I see some Speckled Blue Sussex, some Pink Dream Orpingtons, and let’s not forget the Butter Cream Bantams. Sign up to get your own now – I’ll be breeding these in the spring. (I’m an advocate of preserving our rich poultry heritage)

Finally, we have some chicks that Isadora can drag around the house. Many, many thanks again to our Chicken Benefactors for this generous gift. You know who you are.

And what a lovely weekend it was, full of friends, food, and fun. My very first Sourdough Bread By Hand was born. It was eaten before I could document it in photo, so I’ll take that as a good sign that it didn’t suck.

Had a few friends over for a special dinner, and like always, having guests prompted some last-minute wall-decorating. I swear that we only hang things on the wall in the 2 hour window before guests arrive. Good thing we like to entertain – some of our best designs are born in that frantic time. Like these lovely “poppies”:

And the shelves, for that matter. This was a beautifully-weathered medicine cabinet that I picked up at an estate sale. In a moment of pure genius, I realized that the mirror I needed for above the sink in the bathroom was hinged to this cabinet, only a few feet away. I took it off, hung it above the sink, and exposed the lovely patina inside the cabinet. Oooh! The ambiance in this bathroom has improved ten-fold. (it is the only room in the house that’s not flooded with natural light, so it’s a bit gloomy.)

“Pure Genius” indeed – it’s not that big of a mental leap to decide to unhinge the mirror and move it 2 1/2 feet to the left, now is it?

Yes, it was a good weekend. And I hear that Spring is coming to our neighborhood tomorrow and staying the week.

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