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Today is Christmas! No. Really.

Today is Christmas! No. Really.
March 10, 2008 Mary Jo

Just got back from the mailbox. Today, it seemed more like the clown car version of a mailbox. You know, the kind where about 25 clowns fit into a joke car the size of a Geo Metro? It was just like that, surprise after surprise pouring out of the mailbox today. I’m still pretty giddy.

So today is Christmas. Here’s why:

1. I got the fabric I ordered to make the Emmeline apron by Montessori By Hand.

EDIT:  Montessori by Hand is now Sew Liberated.  Link has been updated.

2. I received these sweeties I ordered off of Etsy. Find more here. If you know me at all, you can bet I won’t be hanging these up until about 10 min. before our next guests arrive for a visit. Which would be Aunt Gin & Uncle Dan, this weekend. (Thank you! Who KNOWS how long they’d sit in the box otherwise…)

3. Our Pugs got their heartworm and tick meds in the mail. Not that exciting, but, hey – it was one of THREE boxes in the mailbox today. And who wants to pick engorged ticks off of their dogs for an hour again this summer? Not me.

4. Between today and yesterday, our Lovely Ladies made a whole dozen eggs. Including 2 of these extraordinarily beautiful pale green ones, courtesy of our resident Americana. You may, if you visit that link, recognize the chick as one of our Chipmunks, introduced here. I’m rather seduced by color, and what could be better than returning from the hen house with a whole basket of pastel blue and green eggs? Not much – I ordered a full dozen of the Americana chicks. You just wait till they grow up and start laying… And really, I do promise NOT to continue taking pictures of the egg tallies every day, but just look at those green eggs! And a full dozen in two days! There was no way I could resist.

If you’re bored with all the chicken and egg talk, chin up! I’m mailing my seed order today. Very, very soon, our attention will be riveted to our garden. But for now…..

5. I got a postcard kindly notifying me that the book I had special-ordered is in. It’s a How-To on screenprinting, or “How I’m Gonna Design My Own Fabric.” Drooool.

6. Could it really get any better than this?

book + eggs + fabric + handmade art + soft, tick-free bed buddies

Yep. Isadora’s napping like a rock star. Hence the 2nd post today.

Merry Christmas!

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