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March 13, 2008 Mary Jo

Back in the city, we grew accustomed to the intermittent drone of sirens blaring. They were such a integral part of our audio landscape that I really only noticed them when visitors (non-city kind) pointed them out. Regardless, I’m pretty glad to have left them behind. I don’t believe I’ve heard one out here yet. One made by an emergency vehicle, that is.

Turns out, we’ve got plenty of sirens out here too. Whoever said moving to the country would give you some peace and quiet? Not here. Not that I’m complaining – far from it. I’ll take these sirens any day.

Bear with me here, as I take technological strides and try to post some videos.

Siren 1:

Here are two Lovely Ladies taking advantage of the sun and warm temps. After a nice, luxurious dust bath, they’re both even lovelier than before.

The next video has nothing much to look at, but you can hear the neat rattle of what we believe are Sandhill Cranes.

Siren 2:

Please excuse the horrible, horrible sound and picture quality. I’m no filmmaker, that’s for sure.

I’ll close this post today with her:

A Lovely Silver Laced Wyandotte.

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