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Who doesn’t love a good makeover?

Who doesn’t love a good makeover?
March 17, 2008 Mary Jo

Happy Birthday Grandma!

These are the geraniums you gave me 2 years ago. They’ve been blooming CONSTANTLY ever since, in my house. I kept waiting for them to stop blooming, so I could take them outside for the summers, but they just kept right on going. That’s pretty good performance – I think I’ll buy from your greenhouse again.

And “Hello” to everyone else out there. Before we move on, how about a quick nod to Birthday-Girl-Grandma, perhaps one of the coolest ones out there, who 1. Has a computer, 2. Actually turns it on, and 3. Reads blogs! Or at least mine. Here’s a virtual toast of my wine glass to you…

Now, on to other business.

About today… I almost had to write the entire day off as a total loss. It started off with not nearly enough sleep (had to soothe a little sleeper after some bad dreams twice, then 3, then 4 times last night). Add to that a cold, very grey, very dreary day, too much sugar and lots of coffee too quickly. Any motivation that even had an inkling of showing up today very quickly turned around and ran far, far away. So we squandered most of the day in a vegetative state.

But I said I could almost write off the day. Ah ha! We did manage to escape the dreariness for about 2 hours with an emergency visit to our local thrift shop. And I made a haul, filled up a giant bag with loads of potential treasures. Though I left without the grand prize I was hoping for, embroidery hoops, (which are normally a dime a dozen, I swear!) the trip was still a smashing success. And Dad – would you believe they had one of your microwaveable bacon trays there?! I passed it up, since you now have three, 1 in use and 2 in reserve.

So in honor of these potential treasures, and as some added incentive to not bury this gigant-o bag in the nether regions of my studio, I’m going to host a sort of Thing Makeover this week, showing the transformations that I make with these diamonds in the rough. Who doesn’t love seeing the dramatic “before” and “after” shots of a makeover? I can’t be the only one to get sucked into these shows.

To kick it off, I’ll start with a nice makeover that I completed this weekend.

You may remember this pillow that I made a few weeks ago.

Well, I made it a mate. They’re to cushion the cold metal armrests of our futon, the bastion from our college days that hasn’t been replaced with “grown-up” furniture. So a mating pair they must be, but certainly not identical.

I started with a cheesy souvenir pillowcase like this:

(This isn’t even my picture, as I forgot to take one. You sure can find anything online…)

Now, drumroll…..

And the back:

Yee Haw.

Are you sad I took off the fringe/fur trim?

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