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Racquetball, anyone?

Racquetball, anyone?
March 20, 2008 Mary Jo

Well Hello! Sorry I’ve been absent most of the week. I think I sort of wrote myself in a corner with this “makeover week” business. I had plennnnty of other things to write about, what with Spring! and Chicks! and Being Outside! But I promised this Makeover Week, so makeovers I shall deliver.


Here we have a lovely painting of some poppies, painted with love by AG Brintrup in 1979. I had to give this a serious double-take when I spotted it in the thrift store. I honestly can’t see that chartreuse color and NOT give it a second look, and here it’s matched with RED! Ahhhh. One of my absolute favorite color combinations, one I’ve been using for a couple of years now. (I know that sarcasm is hard to decipher in written word, but there’s absolutely none here -I am being completely sincere.) So, after this second look, I put it in the shopping cart, but reluctantly, as it was a bit pricey. For a thrift shop. Now, what to do with it to make it just a little less dated?

And speaking of my favorite color combinations… that brings us to this fabulous racket. I’ve mentioned before that my current favorite color combo is chartreuse paired with  teal/green. (still got that teal in the bathroom, after all) So the moment I spotted this on the shelf, the cartoon light bulb went on in my brain and I had my solution.

And here it is:

Isn’t it great??! How the heck did I come up with this combo?

Well, I think it was that same day that I had just seen this post and LOVED the use of hand mirrors as decor. How great is that?  Not too great a leap from a hand mirror hanging on a wall to a hand-mirror-shaped racket…

And I had already broken down the barrier to using sports implements as decor. In the teal bathroom where this racket now lives, I’d hung up some vintage wood golf clubs to use as curtain rods. The curtains, though, are still in the works – just a twinkle in my eye right now. And I’m not sure why there’s a retro-sports-paraphernalia theme going on in this bathroom. We’re definitely NOT sports fans, except for our beloved Packers. (it’s programmed into our Wisconsin genes). Nevertheless, this bathroom is chugging along quite nicely, morphing from “their” space into “ours”.  Gotta get that chartreuse-colored paint on the walls, and finish the red rag rug. And obliterate all traces of painted teal…

A very happy Spring to you!

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