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The “Making” Frenzy continues…

The “Making” Frenzy continues…
March 25, 2008 Mary Jo

Oh there’s a great wind stirring all about. Outside, it’s whisking up the millions of snowflakes that have given way to water vapor. Thank god. And inside, this great frenzy is manifesting in a panoply of ways.

Invader Japanese Beetles and Box Elder Bugs are being sucked away by the hundreds in short, sporadic battles over just who’s airspace this is, anyways. Being sucked away in a wimpy vacuum, the bagless, stick kind with the removable canister. Which presents a conundrum: if they’re still flying around in that canister, where to empty it? Inside the house, and they’ll fly right out of the garbage can. Outside, and they’ll find the nearest window sash and climb back in. Leave them there for awhile and think about it? Won’t they just climb out of the hose? The battle goes on. It’s one we’ve been waging all winter. Never, never have I seen the likes of these in such great numbers. And everywhere – under the covers of the bed, in my hair, and just now: pulled out of my mug of hot chocolate. At least they don’t bite, sting, make much noise, or give us terrible diseases. Just the heebie-jeebies when, in the middle of the night, a persistent tickle from the small of your back awakens me… as it travels up my neck.

Also inside, there’s a frenzy of Making. In the crock pot was a batch of pinto beans cooking away, under the careful tutelage of Rick Bayless. And that same day, the rooster mail holder got its new groove and this was born:

A lovely little Isadora-sized purse for stashing away god-knows-what treasures. I both started and finished it yesterday afternoon, giving me a sort of crafter’s high.

The yellow fabrics are both new, which is rather unusual for me. Most of the fabrics I have and use started their life as something else, like a shirt, tablecloth, BOXER SHORTS. Chill out – everything gets washed! The brown stripey lining here was from a child’s shirt. Anyway, I went through a crafty-blog-reading-induced panic awhile ago, when I thought that maybe my creative potential was being stifled by my lack of hip, new, fresh-off-the-bolt fabric. So I quickly righted that. Looks like I only needed a few new fabrics to breathe some fresh air into my collection. The yellows here are among those.

From the start, this purse was a hit with Miss Isadora. The first things to find their way inside: onion skins. Of course, the completion of the purse coincided with the rushed making of supper, and she is our Esteemed Peeler of Onions and Garlic.

And the frenzy continues today. Stay tuned tomorrow for the “after” shot of this aforementioned knit tote bag. An era has officially ended today, as I thought I would never finish this bag. You could write a history book to encompass the world happenings from the start of the bag till today.

AND NOW, this frenzy is forecasted to march right into the kitchen and do all of the dishes that didn’t get washed amidst yesterday’s flurry of making.

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