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Exploring with Daddy-O

Exploring with Daddy-O
April 3, 2008 Mary Jo

Time for some exploring with Daddy. (Or, as we fondly call him here, Daddy-O, with a firm emphasis on the “O!”.) Lots to see, lots to do, now that Spring is tickling our senses with her “now you see me, now you don’t” flirtiness.

Here, our little Naturalist-in-the-Making points out a pile of deer droppings. We have LOADS of deer sharing our land, visiting the Lovely Ladies, peeking in our curtain-less windows, and leaving us their calling cards – LOADS of droppings and deer tracks. Here’s one thing you probably didn’t know about deer. I just learned this myself. The thing to do with deer droppings you come across on your nature walks: put them in your pocket. Yep. Best to have a good size handful, to get a real good sampling. Then you’re free to do whatever with them later on, like pull them out to show Momma, or put them with your other nature treasures on the windowsill near the kitchen table. You get the idea, right? File that away for later.

Not much room left in those pockets after finding that cache of deer poop. But this rock is still a keeper.

And no exploration is complete without a good healthy dose of swinging. Pretty handy to have this swing right out the back door. Life is pretty good here.

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