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Sombrero. And Hola!

Sombrero. And Hola!
April 14, 2008 Mary Jo

Well, we’re back.  Not quite back in the saddle though, as I’m wallowing in a Post-Vacation-Slump.  The kind of slump where the house is trashed, the Girl is missing the 24-7 adoration and entertainment from Grandmas and Grandpas and not too keen on doing ANYTHING I say,  and also the kind where I have to wear SLIPPERS in the house.  Sigh.  I’m totally up for some Craft therapy.

But first, some reflection.  Above, you’ll see that I was still working on my sun hat on the plane.  The night before our departure was a frenzy of packing, yes, but mostly consisted of scrambling to get the base of the hat made, so that I could embellish it en route.  And also prepping another project to work on, because WHAT KIND OF VACATION could it be with nothing to keep my hands busy?  Turns out it wasn’t really a problem.

This is from the vantage point of our comfy bed/lounger on our balcony, overlooking the Caribbean.  Still working on the hat, and very happily, switching between embroidering the red woolen blanket stitch on the linen strips and then sewing the strips on to the hat.   See those palm trees?  Sigh.

Yeah,  I had a little bit of help.  But I did, really, do the bulk of the work.

Blog World:  Meet S.C. (Smooth Criminal)  He’s a former co-worker of Andrew’s (he claims he was offered a better gig, but we suspect one Sexual Harassment complaint too many did him in) and one of those guys you just can’t sever ties with – his social connections are too impressive, and you never know when you may need to cash in on them.  But he is a hard guy to be around; pretty rough around the edges.  Crude.

The salty sailor has been known to find his way into friends’ suitcases in the past, and sure enough, found his way into mine.  He’s been to Mexico before and quite frankly, I’m surprised they gave him a Visa, after his antics last time.  Bygones, I guess.  So I put him to work.

And when all was said and done, I think I wound up with the best hat of all, though S.C. insists otherwise.

Yes, it was a fabulous trip.  Surreal in its wonderful-ness and beachy-ness and swim up bars.  And to think its still there, right now, all warm and salty and rejuvenating, while here the thermostat’s set at 63 degrees and the grass and spring flowers are not quite sure it’s safe to come out yet….that I just can’t wrap my mind around.  Sigh.

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