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My Little Herbalist

My Little Herbalist
April 16, 2008 Mary Jo

“Oh!  Look at this, Bo.”  (Bo is the poorly-dressed baby doll)  “This is mullein. Smell it!”

“And look at these milkweed pods!”

My heart exploded with joy today when I glimpsed this little guided herb walk.  Isadora was intent on taking Bo out and showing her all of the surprises that Daddy-O and I have pointed out in the past few weeks.  She soon found that Bo’s stroller was not the all-terrain type and resorted to holding her by the scruff of her back, as shown.

And this was pretty great too:

“Smell this beeswax!  Isn’t it yummy??”

I had started making some luscious moisturizing cream and was almost finished by the end of her nap.  She caught me just as I was grating the beeswax into the mix and was completely captivated by the sweet smell of it.  Smelling it, offering it to the doggies to smell, and smelling it some more took a good ten minutes, an eternity in the Isadora Time Zone, and I was able to finish whipping up this cream.

The recipe is from my current favorite herbal: Rosemary Gladstar’s Family Herbal.  Mom and Diane – there’s a jar with your name on it, since I don’t think it’s ethical to test it on animals.  Hee hee.

Up next on my herbal to-do list:  make some shampoo.  There are some easy recipes in the Gladstar book, I see that ReadyMade has featured homemade herbal shampoos in their latest issue, and Amy from Angry Chicken spoke about it a bit too, so I’m clearly tuned in to some great current of like-mindededness.

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