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The Obligatory Crocus

The Obligatory Crocus
April 17, 2008 Mary Jo

Here it is, the obligatory pic of our crocus. It seems there’s an unwritten blogging rule that mandates a pic of the first crocus and I’m trying so hard to fit in. And after months of stretching the creative limits of blogging photos taken indoors, any kind of photogenic life outside is a breath of fresh air, especially life this lovely. So you see, I too, couldn’t resist photographing it for some spring-y eye candy. Judging by the other posts I’ve seen of the crocus, we’re a little behind the times here, perhaps due to the 100 inches of snow that was dumped on us. This one is fresh-picked.

Would you believe that these are the first crocus we’ve owned? We’ve somehow never had them planted before.

Oh what a spring it will be – surprises popping up everywhere for us to discover.  We’ve only seen the place in late Summer, Fall, and Winter.  Lots of surprises around the corner…..

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