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To interject:

To interject:
April 17, 2008 Mary Jo

Call me a copious post-er today, but I just had to interject with this, the report on my blog’s dashboard. Every day, you see, I get access to a little report with all my blog’s stats – how many visits, which sites are referring people, and these here – search engine terms that people entered and then clicked through to arrive at my happy little blog. (Of course you understand that I’m compelled to check these stats obsessively) And it’s hilarious to me to see that, upon typing “cleaning deer droppings” into Google, some poor sap winds up here, where I offer absolutely no instruction whatsoever on how to accomplish this.

This really, really cracks me up.


Search Views
deer droppings 1
cleaning deer droppings 1
silver toast holder with rooster 1
five green acres 1
ladies with exposed bust 1

Dear Enterers of Deer Droppings, Cleaning Deer Droppings, Silver Toast Holder with Rooster, and Ladies with Exposed Bust:

I’m sorry I let you down.


Mary Jo

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