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Some order is established. At least for today.

Some order is established. At least for today.
April 23, 2008 Mary Jo

Toys, toys, toys. Everywhere. Yet almost never where they matter: in her hands. She’d almost always rather play with all of the non-toys strewn about – tape dispenser, post-it notes, Daddy-O’s socks…

After we removed the Christmas tree from this very spot, I concocted a clever plan to contain the toys. One that would 1. make them accessible to her (and thereby APPEALING!), 2. keep them sorted, 3. limit the number of toys we could accumulate, and 4. be made from storage pieces we already had. The missing component here was 5. incorporate an intuitive and simple system of sorting the toys that was known to NOT JUST ME. Yes, the cubes were a great way to sort the toys and get the art supplies just a little bit out of her reach, but it turned out that I was the only one who knew where anything went. This is typical here, especially in the kitchen. It turns out that I may be just a little bit anal in those moments that I’m not frantic and free and spontaneous.

So I had found these great aluminum frame thingies from our local University surplus outlet. It’s the place where anything from the University goes to be liquidated, like the their own personal Goodwill. You would not BELIEVE the great things I’ve gotten here – this office desk, for one, random office supplies, some biology cross-section slides that I used to make this:

Yeah, great place for repurposing things.

So I found the frames and knew my problem was solved. Now all I had to do was photograph the toys that were supposed to go inside each cube and my messy house woes were solved. Right. Well, first a Designer, and now a Blogger, I actually hauled a nice and weathered backdrop up to the house from the Chicken Coop to use in the photographs. It’s a great color, a nice texture, and I do, after all, have to look at these pics in my Living Room, so it seemed like the right thing to do.

And so far, it’s working. Isadora pointed to one of the games shown in one cube and we had at least 15 minutes of undivided Fairy Fun this morning. Which is a lifetime in the Isadora timezone.

And now, I’m riding on the tails of this success to solve some greater problem, like what to have for dinner.

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