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To do list.

To do list.
May 16, 2008 Mary Jo

To do today:

√ 1.  Test alarm clock to make sure it works/is loud enough.

√ 2.   Set alarm clock for 8:45am.

√ 3.  Drink coffee, browse a new library book, snuggle while watching

Sesame Street

√ 4.  At 8:45am, turn on computer.

√ 5.  Log on to Ticketmaster.

√ 6.  Find the appropriate tour page.

√ 7.  Synchronize computer’s clock with actual, precise, official US Time.

√ 8.  Progressively raise the level of caffeine in the bloodstream while

waiting for 9:00a.m. to arrive.

√ 9.  Read some blogs, while waiting for 9:00a.m. to arrive.

√ 10.  At 8:56, double-check time, website, and make sure the “refresh”

button works.

√ 11.  At 8:58, start hitting “refresh” button repeatedly on Ticketmaster web


√ 12.  9:00a.m.  Select 2 tickets, best seating available.

√ 13.  Try to stop hands from shaking while completing transaction.

√ 14.  Start planning a pilgrimage to Columbus, Ohio to see Tom Waits in


√ 15.  Take down reminder signs posted throughout the house.

√ 16.  Add “Tom Waits” category to blog, acknowledging that more posts will inevitably be forthcoming.

17.  Proceed to everything else that needs to get done today.

Now, at 10:14a.m., I can declare that it is, indeed, a good day.

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