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It is still National Egg Month.

It is still National Egg Month.
May 19, 2008 Mary Jo

Our after-nap routine usually includes some gentle wake-up time rocking on the porch in our glider. On Friday, however, we found that the glider was already occupied, by this Lovely Lady. She’s one of three hens that we “adopted” a few months back and added to our flock. We were told that they were docile and friendly, but we didn’t understand that to actually mean DOCILE! and FRIENDLY!, which they most definitely are. They coo and murmur sweet nothings in our ear when nearby, which is often, as they like hanging out wherever we are. This Lady is clearly on to our little after-nap routine and wanted to get in on all the snuggling and chatting too.  And today we found her  walking up the back steps – I’ve no doubt that she’d walk right in the house for a cup of tea if so invited.

And the guineas are here! Right now in my kitchen, a dozen fuzzy-soft little tick-munchers are resting up for the big feast ahead. I will try to follow them as they grow with my camera and some intrepid reporting.

I’d better go. My head gardener wants to discuss some flowerbed layout plans.

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