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Taking a dip in the gene pool.

Taking a dip in the gene pool.
June 5, 2008 Mary Jo

Today I enjoyed a shining moment of Momma Pride when peeking in on a better-be-asleep little napper. Just like her Momma, falling asleep with a good book. I’m going to go ahead and attribute this characteristic to my gene pool. Which is something I haven’t really done much of lately.

Immediately after she was born into this family of adoring eyes, even before the soreness and pure shock! had left my nether-regions, exuberant claims started rolling in. One look at her and everyone was racing to claim some genetic responsibility, and I sure couldn’t blame them – she was beautiful. “She’s got Daddy’s eyes! Look at that hair – just like Daddy’s! And those eyelashes!” And comparing her to Daddy’s newborn picture seemed to support every one of these claims – she was a dead-ringer. But the blood hadn’t even dried yet and I was hopped up on crazy-mad Momma hormones and the last thing I wanted to hear was that she looked almost exactly like my husband. Oh, he was great, but he didn’t invest the 9 months as a gestation-machine, nor did the hardest of the work getting her out of said machine, so it was hardly fair for him to get all the credit. As my own strength improved, I was able to claim the big-looking feet, the eyelashes, and maybe the dimples.

And now it doesn’t really matter. She’s clearly a nice blend of both of us, taking most of our best features and melding them beautifully into this sleeping little angel. Who I sure hope is back asleep, because taking this very photo had jarred her from her light slumber. Got my fingers crossed, because there’s work to do!

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