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Pretty in pink.

Pretty in pink.
June 10, 2008 Mary Jo

What a weekend it was. Wedding bells were ringing. Also, wind, hail, tornadoes, and rain. Lots and lots and lots of rain. Flooding everywhere. Again.

We were among the very fortunate – our home is sitting high and dry. And lucky too, for missing out on the chorus of tornado sirens on Saturday as we gathered with family near and far, danced, laughed, and celebrated the merging of two families with one heck of a party. And officially gained a sister! Completely oblivious to the fury in other parts of the state, we were granted safe haven and blessed with a beautiful wedding and lots of merriment.

On Sunday, the rains came. We glimpsed the magnitude of them as we made our way back home, the 100 mile journey that usually starts with a piping-hot latte. We quickly realized that the frontage road leading to the coffee joint was flooded and marveled at the brave or maybe foolish people plunging through anyway. After deliberating a bit, we decided that we did, indeed, need that coffee to help us navigate home through the heavy curtain of rain and post-party exhaustion, so we circumnavigated the flooded road and made our way through vast, dry parking lots. We were fully aware of the depth of our need for this caffeine.

It turned out to be just the beginning of the flooding we saw all the way home. In our little corner of the world, the trout stream was quadrupled in width and county-owned dump trucks barreled past with loads of fill for other waterways bursting at the seams. We heard about the tornadoes that raced through the county north of us and then, yesterday, learned of the lake that is no more. Buckling under the intense pressure, a weak spot in its perimeter was breached and the entire lake bursted through, creating a new path to the already-raging Wisconsin River. Taking entire houses with it. And the lake is now almost completely empty.

Last night, after a day-long reprieve from the rain, the dusk sky was entirely blanketed in fluffy pink cotton candy clouds. Never before do I remember being so enveloped by a sunset. She’s got quite a wardrobe, this Mother Earth. And a pretty short memory, for dressing so ostentatiously so soon after delivering her wrath to so many. Here’s hoping the pink is a sign of times to come.

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