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Got Milkweed?

Got Milkweed?
June 20, 2008 Mary Jo

We do. Lots of it, happily, and we’ve been waiting for these guys to show up for weeks. Not that they’re late; only that we misread their RSVP. In case you somehow missed out on the ubiquitous Kindergarten-3rd grade science unit on metamorphosis, I shall introduce you. This is a monarch caterpillar. They eat only milkweed. A shortage of milkweed = a shortage of monarch butterflies. We have no such shortage, hence, we shall be getting a jump on the Kindergarten exercise of watching for a cocoon and then bringing it inside to watch it hatch. Once hatched, we’ll release the beautiful monarch butterfly into the wild so it can prepare for its Mexican vacation. Or wherever it winters over. Is that Mexico?

We’ve got some time; this guy is pretty small, at less than 1/2″. For more on this metamorphosis process, I’d recommend this book. Hee hee.

Happy Solstice to you all! Let the summer games begin.

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