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Our tee time is set for 4:30.

Our tee time is set for 4:30.
July 15, 2008 Mary Jo

The Mayor called this morning and declared today Craft Day. Or, “Make Yourself Some Sanity” day. I happily obliged. I had some curtains to finish, a half-hearted attempt to curb our brazen exhibitionism through curtain-less windows. Peep show’s over, folks, at least out the bathroom windows.

While I crafted my way into higher moral ground, I had no choice but to let Isadora play with me in my studio. She was given access to several packs of vintage beads that I had thrifted for her and they were soon strewn about the floor. The remainder found their way into an assortment of glass jars I provided.

This particular project has been a work in progress for a long time now. Had you been in our shower bathroom in the past 6 months, you would have no doubt noticed the vintage golf clubs placed in the curtain rod holders. No, I’m not a crazy golf fanatic. I just realized how beautiful these vintage wood clubs were at about the same time I realized that we needed some clever curtain solutions in the bathroom. A classic case of creative synergy, not unlike this racket/painting combo that graces the walls of the same bathroom.

The curtains themselves, which I finished today in honor of Craft Day, were a bit of a challenge. They were cut from a beautiful, albeit tattered and stained vintage tablecloth. And most vintage tablecloths I’ve seen fall into this same category, so the skills I picked up in this particular project will no doubt prove invaluable in projects to come. After devising a way to work around the tatters and major stains, while mazimizing the floral pattern of the piece and the constraint of making two kinda-matching curtains, I spliced two pieces together and embellished the seam with some simple, primitive-looking running stitch embroidery. I almost lined the curtains with a white backing, but alas, did not manage to cut it square, throwing off the whole shape and requiring major work to right it all. I scrapped that idea pretty quickly, reconciled with the idea of a less-than-opaque privacy curtain. A backlit naked silhouette is an enormous improvement on the full-frontal exposure of the past.¹

1. OF COURSE I’m exaggerating. A lot. You may also remember that we live in the country, surrounded by deer, cranes, domesticated poultry, ticks, and mosquitoes. They’ve not yet filed an indecency complaint.

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