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Looks like I’m on a roll…

Looks like I’m on a roll…
July 17, 2008 Mary Jo

Lucy approves, but with less enthusiasm than desired.

After much fanfare, cutting, sweating, and crocheting, I’m happy to declare this rag rug DONE. (insert clapping, whistles, and orchestral explosion of “Hallelujah” here) And in the nick of time, too, as my attention span had almost written off the project on account of boredom and bigger, better, flashier prospects on the horizon. That attention span – so fickle.

But I’m happy to say I really, really enjoyed the project, which is good, because it’s a big house and there are countless more rugs to make for it. Up next: a shoe mat for the kitchen. This would be for the shoes that absolutely refuse to live on the mat that already exists, just a few steps away, and also refuse to live anywhere else but in that particular corner of the kitchen. Not that I’m pointing any fingers here; some of the shoes are mine. So I’ve decided to accept that this must be where they live when not on our feet, but not without a campaign to beautify the operation. So a rag rug it will be, which is perfect, because rag rugs are infinitely washable and absolutely look the part of this vintage-chic kitchen.

This whole giving-in attitude reminds me of a passage in a book I read a few years ago. I think it was this book. She talked a lot about the process of building something or laying out a design. In this case, it was her garden and the paths within it. Rather than arbitrarily laying down paths and plunging forward, she decided instead to observe where the natural paths lay. Where she, pets, and others found themselves taking short-cuts through the yard. Where it was always a hassle to walk around a particular bench, when the natural inclination was to go right through. There are undercurrents of Feng Shui here, to be sure, though I don’t remember her saying as much. This “Observe, then build to suit Function” mentality has stuck with me ever since. It works well with my general attitude of serendipity and go-where-the-wind-blows-me. And this, our first year in this house, is full of observing – what is blooming, how the trees are changing our view, what life is like with chickens. It’s good to keep reminding myself to slow down, observe, and not try to plunge forward so quickly into the realization of this self-sustaining dream. That kind of unrealistic, unresponsive momentum can only lead to the kind of backfiring that we’ve seen here of late, where our expectations (mine, especially) have not matched our results.

So a shoe mat it will be. Queuing Rag Rug Number Two.

And look at how nicely Rag Rug Number One plays with Tablecloth-Turned-Curtains. This bathroom is coming around nicely.

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