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Music all a-rou-ou-ound, Music all around.

Music all a-rou-ou-ound, Music all around.
August 7, 2008 Mary Jo

Wild and crazy dancing fun, from The Sugar Maple Music Festival, a melange of Traditional music including folk, bluegrass, and jazz. It was our second year attending, and will no doubt be a must-do every year to come.

Our lives are set to a rather unique soundtrack. Music is the thread that winds throughout every day, every car trip, every bedtime routine. We take great pride in our own eclectic musical awareness, cultivating a wide array of musicians on our iPod, and instilling in Isadora this musical appreciation. Our star pupil, she already recognizes a small army of musicians within the first few notes of their songs: Tom Waits (of course), Dr. Hook, The Cure, Gordon Lightfoot (who’s also one of our roosters), The Be Good Tanyas, Feist, Modest Mouse, Nate Dogg (a little embarrassing, but only that ONE song), Tori Amos, Django Reinhardt, Pearl Jam, Tim Buckley, The Soggy Bottom Boys, Howlin’ Wolf, Led Zepplin, The Psychedelic Furs, and Rusted Root. If we can measure our success as parents by her repertoire of music, which we most definitely do, we’re doing a pretty stellar job. She’s not yet three years old. This is one of the tests to get into kindergarten, right – “Who’s singing?” She’ll be a shoe-in.

The Music is indeed a thread weaving throughout our day. Imaginary playtime is no exception, as a few of these musicians have joined the ranks of Isadora’s Imaginary Friends. The Cure joined us for a bike ride yesterday, and often rides with us on road trips. A typical exchange heard from the back seat: “The Cure – you’re a very nice friend. Hey, The Cure – do you know who’s singing?” Gordon Lightfoot often joins us for dinner, before preparing to join Tom Waits and Feist in singing her to sleep.

Sadly, though, we are best described as music enthusiasts, devouring music made by others, because we’ve not yet ventured into the realm of making our own, with these few exceptions.

1. The box of toy instruments gets more playing time than almost any other of Isadora’s toys.

2. Almost every meal features some kind of drumming performance by Isadora. She’s rather proficient in playing the Water Glass and the Plate.

3. We do own an electric guitar. It was the promotional item that came with Andrew’s Jetta, and plugs right into the car’s stereo system. The potential here for a neat party trick is almost completely canceled out by his inability to play it. Almost.

But we have grand visions. There’s a spot in the house reserved for a beautiful vintage piano. (in my mind, at least) I’ve always wanted to learn how to play. And sitting there at the music fest, feeling the waves of pure musical magic wash over us, we both felt some deeply-buried desires to play something being teased out of us by the succession of lively notes. Under the influence of this kind of magic, we believed that we could, that we should. And I hope that we do. Just look at how great these instruments look paired with the vintage dresses….that’s exactly the kind of musician I’d like to be.

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