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Gocco Loco-motion.

Gocco Loco-motion.
August 26, 2008 Mary Jo

And here they are. My contributions to the art of the note gocco swap that I joined a few weeks ago, barely sliding under the wire of the deadline, but admitted by the grace of Sarah, the organizer. Therefore, my contribution had better be good…

Many of you know Gocco, but for those of you that don’t, it’s a sweet little Japanese screen printer that’s achieved almost mythic status in the little sphere of DIY craftiness. Here’s more on it, if you’re curious. In other words, it allows one so inclined to make her/his own handprinted notecards. Contributing to the mythic proportions of the Gocco aura is the slight problem that the manufacturer has discontinued production of all things Gocco, making it something of a martyr. I had the good fortune of acquiring one myself a few years ago and was rather on the fence about whether or not I wanted to keep it, having used it only once. After hemming and hawing about whether to make my millions from selling it on ebay or selling the masterpieces I could create with it, I chose to keep it. For awhile, at least. Enter the Gocco swap – the perfect opportunity to give it another chance.

After working out a few bugs and having my Caped Crusader bail me out with his access to a proper copier, I whipped out my finished product in no time.

The design is a sneaky abstraction from a city plan of Paris, circa 1765.

I just love these beautiful images of city plans. It’s a theme I worked with a bit in college, and no doubt one I’ll revisit again soon. Perhaps for a quilt design? Stay tuned on that one.

All in all, the project was a success.  Edit: Check out the other designs here.

And, not to be left out, dear Isadora contributed to the project also: there’s now a reddish cloud of ink on the wall of my studio, commemorating the project forever. Or until it gets repainted. I will be speaking to Security about this matter; it seems there’s a chink in the armor.

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