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Three. And then four.

Three. And then four.
September 23, 2008 Mary Jo

Three birthday cakes.

Three celebrations.

Three years of mind-boggling, head-scratching “How did she get here?” and “How did she get so big?” This must be one of the most difficult concepts to wrap a human brain around.

Three years of almost-constant awe.





How can we possibly lasso time and make it slow down just a bit? Or at least remember this fervent wish when begging it to please speed up?

Three found us this year visiting the very spot Isadora entered the world. In a rescheduling move whose magic was lost on me until the very day of her birthday, we found ourselves again at the Madison Birth Center greeting new life in the presence of our midwife and friend. Part of this three-year-old’s gift (and ours as well) was to hear the rapidly beating heart of her unborn brother or sister for the very first time. It was blessed to be there again, with a healthy, beautiful three-year-old girl by our side, honoring the day she entered our world with the promise of another joining our family.

We will all be very busy growing in the year to come, as a family, from three to four.

Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl.

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