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Seasick crafting.

Seasick crafting.
September 24, 2008 Mary Jo

Thank you all for the kind words and well wishes in this second pregnancy. So far, so good. As I’ve returned to reading about all things baby and birth, I’ve come across a nice adjective for the unpleasant feeling that accompanies the first trimester (and beyond) for many women: seasick. Yeah – that about sums it up, I’d say. If this particular course is anything like that of Isadora’s pregnancy, we should be heading out of these churlish waters into calmer ones in the weeks to come. Already I can see some sunlight peeking through the receding stormy clouds; I’m sitting here at the computer, for example, instead of assuming my position as a permanent fixture of the living room couch. My heart goes out to those women who navigate these turbulent waters while still maintaining a job and actual responsibilities, besides those of a rather independent 3-yr-old. Hats off to you!

The ship recently docked for a bit of a crafty interlude. Lots of birthdays this month mean lots of gift-giving, and the timing of the annual Quilt Expo on the day before a nephew’s birthday party was too tempting to resist. (you’ve already witnessed my tendency for last-minute panic-crafting) Past experience has made me a bit skeptical of stores or events with Quilt in the title, as I’ve learned that, while deeply in love with fabric and my sewing machine, I’m not ever in their target demographic. The quilting industry in my area just hasn’t caught up with the new wave of hip crafters seeking an alternative to the traditional calicoes, country-inspired, or primitive designs. Nevertheless, I arrived at the quilt expo with a strict budget and a good friend in tow. I held on to the friend, but quickly discarded the budget.

When all was said and done, I walked away with the foundations for a baby quilt to whip up and bring to the party the following day. Oh, it was a cloudy, rainy day when I photographed the finished product, and I can’t be bothered to set up proper lighting, so you’ll have to trust that it looked way better in person than in the above pic.

I returned home from the show riding an immense wave of inspired euphoria and quickly set to work, at which point a wave of nausea set in, interrupting the progress for a few hours until it could no longer be avoided. Time was running out. For support and good company, Andrew joined me, and contributed the most important part of the design: the applique of the mouse behind the steering wheel of the truck.

He’s cut out from a vintage Smokey the Bear bed sheet that I thrifted a few years ago and have gotten enormous mileage from.

Break your matches! Only you can prevent forest fires!

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