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Enough Red, already.

Enough Red, already.
October 2, 2008 Mary Jo

I’ve realized that I can no longer be a monogamous knitter.

I’ve tried almost everything, I think – sensual fibers, vibrant, juicy colors, the promise of a fulfilling future together, even a support group. But, damn. My other relationship, with sewing, is so Instant Gratification. At least by comparison. The above photo (lovely, no?) is the FIRST of what will be a SET of FOUR place mats. Really, what was I thinking here? Oh yes, here it is: Easy, quick pattern. Should fly by. Can knit one, move to another project, come back to remaining THREE.

Right. Let’s edit this for reality.

I really want to be a better knitter. I want to get into the groove of the motion, the cadence, the sweet spot; that place that knitting mystics speak of when they use lofty (ridiculous, I think now) words like meditative and relaxing and soothing. But I’m so not there yet. I’m still rather bumbly with my needles all askew and the yarn not cooperating. The technique is there, but not yet flowing. Which is hard to stomach when the competence level on the sewing machine is light years ahead. Yes, I know how to resolve this – practice, practice, practice! Lately, though, all I’ve been able to stomach is one boring row at a time. The fault lies with me, of course, and my circus-monkey-sized attention span.

So I’ve decided to court multiple projects at once, like many of my knitting mentors. Earth-shattering, right? For some reason, it has been. I remember almost precisely when I realized that I could handle reading more than one book at a time and the inkling that it might even enrich my reading, which it of course did. Call it a one-track-mind, call it loyalty. Either way, it’s stifling me, and I’m now expanding my love life. Of fibers.

Which of course necessitates a new bag to hold, tote, and otherwise protect the project. What a delicious by-product of a problem, right?

This is the “before” shot. The colored horizontal strips (flat here) are at this very moment fraying nicely in my washer and dryer to create a chenille affect. It’s a pattern or concept based loosely on a kit I coerced my Mom into buying – she makes the bag as prepared in the kit, I borrow the dimensions and concept and supply my own fabrics and chenille tape, in the colors of my choice. We worked on them together this past weekend, in a crafty retreat up north. A fun project, and fun idea – to make the same thing together.

As I was choreographing the fabric layout, I was struck with a nagging sense of deja vu. I must have used the red/yellow combo somewhere recently, but where? Scanning, scanning……here it is.

Same yellow fabric, even. I am clearly a very gifted mystic to have made this subtle connection.

Cameras will be standing by the dryer as the “after” bag comes out, all frizzed and soft and ready to take the knitting world by storm. Stay tuned.

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