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Fall is a cushion.

Fall is a cushion.
October 15, 2008 Mary Jo

This weekend was pure magic. With Daddio stalking the wild muskies with his male compatriots, us girls were given the opportunity to command our own destiny for a few days and celebrated a first for us: Girls Weekend.

I’ll admit that, in the past, a weekend of bearing the responsibilities of parenting, entertaining, and choreography solely on my shoulders, without reprieve, had been daunting. I’m a stay-at-home-mom, after all, and spend almost all of my waking hours with her, but so look forward to that moment when Daddy arrives home from work to shift some of the immense responsibility off of my plate. A security blanket, of sorts, and the thought of a whole weekend without it had always seemed too exhausting to comprehend. So in the past, we’d usually flee to the open arms of family who were only too glad to see us and soak up the brilliant rays of their granddaughter.

This time though, I sensed the need to stay put. To embrace the time together, and try to mindfully soak up every minute, without any elaborate choreography of events. To begin, it seemed important to distinguish the time from every other day we spend together, so we granted it the mystique and pomp that accompanies a Special Occasion, by dubbing it “Girls Weekend”.

We let our hair down, armed ourselves with books, movies, and popcorn and set about on three days of adventure. (a weekend of stalking the wild muskies begins on Thursday afternoon, of course)

We had some special events planned, like a visit to the pumpkin patch with a friend, and the promise of staying up late to watch Halloween movies with popcorn, but the real magic came in the smaller moments, where we bonded in ways we hadn’t yet experienced. There was no disciplining required on my part, perhaps because she had my undivided attention, and my Authority Figure hat stayed in the closet the whole time. Instead, I wore the Listen, Be Spontaneous and Joyful hat, one that often gets buried in the clutter of everyday demands.

Together, we got to experience the pure joy of fall – playing in the leaves, staring up at the technicolor trees, inhaling the marvelous, earthy smell of the leaves as they become part of the fertile soil. We spent almost all of our time outside, immersing ourselves in the unseasonably-warm fresh air.

At night, we snuggled together under the flannel sheets, as she giggled about stealing Daddy’s pillow, whispering our thoughts until the rhythm of our breathing changed to that of sleep.

It was pure magic.

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