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A warm belly and some wool.

A warm belly and some wool.
November 13, 2008 Mary Jo

We’ve been spending most of our mornings of late just like this…

…greeting the drop in the temperature with a nod and nestling ourselves between some wool and a warm place…

…casting on new projects with abandon, laughing at the memory (now faint) of the stifling knitting monogamy that no longer rules the creative process.

With plenty of company, I’ve started yet another project I didn’t know I needed to make. Thinking myself quite satisfied with four projects in the works, I spotted this aqua wool on the store shelf and lost myself completely. The outside world receded to a faint drone as I became immersed in the Carribean Sea’s likeness, spun into wool. So vibrantly beautiful, but abrasive as wool sometimes is, it could only be manifested into something not worn on the skin. Which leaves, of course, a felted bag. A knitting project bag to hold even more small works-in-progress. Flanked by colors on adjacent shelves, it would be striped. Perfect.

I’m now reminded of my studies in Florence, of Michaelangelo, and of the remarkable belief he held as he worked on his sculptures that each piece of marble already contained within it the finished design; his job was to merely recognize it and set it free. Of course, it’s entirely absurd to draw a comparison between the genius of Michaelangelo and the (not so innovative) decision to make a striped felted bag, but it was a little bit like that, in a less-spiritual, not-at-all-genius sort of way. Recognizing fully that knitting a simple bag from a free store pattern is not at all like transforming a slab of Carerra marble into a sculptural form so pure and celestial that those who witness it are often brought to tears. Even if I had to use a calculator to convert the gauge of the pattern to that of my yarn.

But the sculpture in progress in that belly? Maybe.

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