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A brief history. Also, Buy local, buy handmade.

A brief history. Also, Buy local, buy handmade.
December 5, 2008 Mary Jo

Once upon a time, there was a Girl with a magic yellow bag. It glowed like the sun itself and radiated its enveloping warmth for miles around. Inside this bag of velvet, the girl kept her prized collection of vials. Made of the purest crystal and sealed with a bright red wax, they kept safe the glittering, glowing essences with which this Girl was to fashion a future. The vials were of different sizes, and their contents each sparkled with a spectacular hue, unlike anything found within this world’s color spectrum. If one were to examine the contents of the largest vial in a scientific manner, they would easily identify the prominent components as Love and Lifelong Partnership, interspersed with yet-unidentified elements. The delicately written script on the vial’s label merely said Family.

Inspection of another vial would yield the findings of Aesthetics, Mastery of Color, Skill, and Composition. It was simply titled Art Degree.

There was also the Endowments vial, composed of Resourcefulness, Craftsmanship, Wit, and Work Ethic. It was a vial being filled from the very time she was born, mostly through the tireless efforts of her family.

And not to be missed was the vial labeled Pie-Eyed Optimism. No doubt it contained Courage, Naivety, Hope, and Faith.

Soon, the time came for her and her Partner to lay the groundwork for this Future, so into the bag she went. (Her Partner, the Boy, had his own magic bag) With the slightest bit of alchemy, she concocted the best mix she could muster, closed her eyes, and hoped for the best as she released the glittering dust into the breeze. Up and up and up it went, to join its respective place amongst the stars in the orchestral choreography that is Life.

Re+New Storefront

In the blink of an eye, they found themselves back where they had recently moved from. Indeed, it was henceforth to be known as Home. But even before the work could commence to transform Place into Home, she found herself engaged in another endeavor. Born of the vials’ glittery mix, a Storefront had sprouted and a Business was being formed. It was a business based on that which she made with her hands, born of meager means and weighted heavily with Pie-Eyed Optimism, too much, it seems now, through the ever-clear filter of time. A more experienced alchemist would have surely added more Planning and Prudence and Patience to the mix, ignoring their lackluster appearance in the vials and recognizing their necessary purposes.

But even before this could become apparent, a new ingredient surfaced. An entirely new ingredient, born from the mysterious components of Family, and at the whim of the Universe. The Girl and her Partner now found themselves joined by Baby.

baby steve

Soon after the arrival of the Baby, it became clear that a new recipe was in order. Back to the magic bag went the Girl, creating again the best mix her accumulated but limited wisdom could muster. The Storefront softly melted into the past, and the Business was transformed. Still born from the Girl’s hands, it was now based entirely around the Baby – the girl’s and everyone else’s. Beautiful clothing was made for the Babies, made feverishly by the Girl and loved by the Moms and Dads of the Babies. The Business bloomed and the Girl worked continuously, trying to balance the roles as Momma and Partner and Entrepreneur.


Then the wind changed direction and the Girl and the Boy were again summoned to their magic bags. Mixing and hoping and searching for just the right components, they sent their concoction off into the wind to materialize into something new, something big. Time stood still, dragged on, molding possibilities for their review. The concoction of glittery dust was remixed, revised, and tweaked ever so slightly. Slowly, slowly, it seemed to the Girl, a sea change was at hand, but slow yet graceful in its arrival. Woefully short of Patience in her magic bag, the Girl waited and waited. But magic takes time, we all know, and soon enough the Girl, the Boy, and the Baby found themselves whisked away in the suddenly swift tide of their sea change. As the water subsided and the tide was drawn back out to sea, the Family was deposited on a new shore, in a new universe, it seemed, but with the boundaries of Home expanded to include this new world.

Yet at the same time, the definition of Home began to shrink from
Geographic Area to House Where We Forge Our Lives. A dusty, but beautifully detailed sign hung outside the door and read “Five Green Acres”. The Girl and the Boy and the Baby were ushered into this new world by a flock of friendly, chattering Hens and they knew they were, indeed, embarking on a new path.


The Business was reassessed by the Girl, who was left with little resources to give to it, emotionally or otherwise, and it too, began to slowly fade into the past. The many Remnants of that work were tucked away into nooks and crannies, to hibernate until they could be pulled out again and released. The Girl continued Making With Her Hands, just as she continued to breathe and eat and sleep, but That Which Was Made was for the Home, rather than for the Moms and Dads.

And now those Remnants beckoned from their nooks and crannies. An opportunity to release them into the world materialized, and the Girl accepted the challenge, and began preparing them for their glorious exit from her world into the worlds of other Moms and Dads. With all that was new on the horizon, it seemed necessary to take these final steps with the Business and and her Remnants before new opportunities could be embraced. Out with the old, in with the new, if you will.

And all of this has been a rather convoluted way of saying, “Join me, if you’re in town (Madison), at the Holiday Craftacular on Saturday. ” (Click on the poster image at the top of the post for more details)

That’s tomorrow. I’ll be there, offering the deliciously-colored organic cotton baby onesies that I’ve prepared just for you. And if you find yourself not geographically inclined to visit, I’ll be putting the remaining items up for sale online early next week.  Pop in, mention that you read about it here, on the blog, and you’re in for a Super-Surprise-Prize!

Hope to see you there.

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