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Snowy, snowy.

Snowy, snowy.
December 9, 2008 Mary Jo

Sunday was the day we set out to select our Christmas tree. We headed straight for the tree farm we discovered last year and again found a huge selection of beautiful trees paired with the wonderfully friendly service of the family-owned business. Most importantly, there was hot chocolate, served with an abundance of mini marshmallows.

We grownups quickly set about finding the tree, while Isadora surveyed the snow scene. Daylight was waning, but we all proved successful in our respective seeking- Isadora quickly spotted this “giant snowball” and we were quick to find the tree that would grace our living room for the season.

The timing was perfect. The sky was the color of platinum, releasing the snowflakes gently into the stillness. It was the kind of snow you could hear falling, if you listened carefully enough. The stillness was punctuated with the giggles and chatter of others seeking out their trees, as well as the shrieks from our own 3-yr-old, experiencing the snow for what you would imagine to be the first time ever. It certainly wasn’t her first time in the snow; we’ve already had a few inches this season. But isn’t that the magic of childhood? To be able to approach familiar experiences as if for the first time, every time, is truly a gift incumbent in childhood. And a gift for us parents, as well, as we plug into that magic secondhand.

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