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Notes from the sidebar.

Notes from the sidebar.
December 10, 2008 Mary Jo

Edited to add:  ALL inventory is now, finally, updated on Etsy.

About half of my organic cotton baby clothing inventory is now posted on Etsy. You can find a handy link on the top of the side bar, for your shopping convenience. I’ll be diligently uploading the rest to my etsy shop momentarily. (like these Top and Bottom sets shown above, which are waiting in the wings)

Part of this inventory also includes a smattering of organic cotton infant hats, which I’ve promised to SouleMama for her Caps to Cap-Haitien project. Check it out – there’s still a tiny bit of time to participate if you’d like!

AND, with the holidays fast-approaching, I thought I’d point out a link that’s been on my sidebar for a while now.

For my purposes, this means that I’ll be making or buying handmade gifts for everyone on my list this year. I did, however, take the liberty to add my own caveat: in addition to (or as an alternative to) the handmade, I’m also allowed to buy second-hand. I think it’s in the same spirit of the pledge – infusing a little more heart into the gift-giving rigmarole and removing a bit of the mass-commercialism. It’s certainly in the spirit of how I try to do things anyways, so this is likely no revelation to anyone who knows me, or has even met me briefly. The official-ness of the pledge has just solidified my resolve a bit more, and I’ve got all my shopping pretty much done. Unfortunately, this means I still have lots and lots of Making ahead of me, which I’m looking forward to, but hoping to do in an enjoyable, relaxed, not-in-a-furious-hurry-the-morning-we-leave-for-our-Christmas-celebrations manner. Again, if you know me at all, you may realize the loftiness of that goal. And, as most of the (LUCKY!) recipients of these gifts are right now at the edge of their seats reading this blog, I can’t do much by way of giving the rest of you sneak peeks or updates on my progress.

Still, I think there will be plenty else to report here in the weeks (WHAT??! ONLY TWO WEEKS??!!) to come. Damn. Better get busy.

Fa la la la la!

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