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Getting it done.

Getting it done.
January 6, 2009 Mary Jo

Soule Mama wrote about  superheros today, and I think that rather captures the spirit of Right Now for me.  Superhero is pretty much what you get when you mix the forces at work in this house right now, as long as your definition of Superhero allows for an afternoon nap to recharge the high-voltage battery.  The forces at work here?  Well, there is the gentle persuasion of the Season, which whispers, “Start fresh.  Assess.  Plan, hope, strive for more.  Purge the old and embrace the new.  Reincarnate.”  Add to this lovely mix the potent cocktail of pregnancy-induced Nesting hormones, and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with.  Indeed, I’ve been something of a force, whipping through the house with an urgency never before experienced.  Now that Christmas is over, we’ve entered Babytime!, with the clock ticking and the To-Do List in full control of my sanity.  “Time to turn inward” means tackling grandiose projects around the house.  Like finally (finally!) cleaning and organizing and reorganizing the Room With An Ever-Changing Name:  Library Guest Bedroom Computer Room Play Room Which Also Houses the Computer and Our Books.  Dewey Decimal would scratch his head at my idiosyncratic organization of the bookshelves in here, but AT LAST, I know exactly where to look to find the answer to the burning question of which herb to apply to that persistent cough.  In the grand scale of sanity-building exercises, this project ranks very highly.  Now that we have a firm handle on the lay of the land and how we use our space here, I’m able to organize and maximize and make efficient.  And purge!  Each of the last few forays into town have been choreographed to coincide with the most-accessible thrift store donation drop-offs.  Ah, what wonderful release!

At the same time, I’ve decided to give some attention to Isadora’s bedroom.  In a particularly exuberant flurry of activity, we set about rearranging her room into what has to be a Feng Shui-compliant new setup – it’s amazingly spacious and fresh, so much so that I want to sleep there. Careful if you try this yourself at home; the results are intoxicating and will likely lead to more “improvement-type” projects.  The dust had barely settled in the vacuum before we headed out to the paint store to select a new shade for the walls.  (No-VOC paint, for anyone paying extra-close attention)  Then The List came out, and the finishing details were added to it, filling out the crafty void that had been created with the end of Christmas and gift-giving.  A new patchwork duvet, a rag rug, embellished curtains, new laundry bin….my sewing machine is already doing its warm-up stretching to prepare. 

Driving by our house this weekend, you would have seen us through the uncurtained windows, that picture of the classic Preparing for Baby tableau:  kerchief on my head, belly-out-to-here, paintbrush in hand.  Of course it wasn’t Baby’s room we were working on, for we’ve already learned that Baby doesn’t need a room for the first several months in our house, save our own, or even a bed, save our own.  This preparing is for Big Sister, who’s world is going to be rocked in a very big way in three short months.  Who’s likely going to need a sanctuary of some kind once the center of our universe becomes a little more crowded with a tiny addition to the family.  After a little more than a year in this house, it feels so good to claim a room fully and make it our own.  We can hardly believe we’ve not done any major painting up to this point; we who are notorious for our impromptu painting weekends and bold color palette.  It’s about time.

Up next on the agenda is our bedroom, where we hope to welcome this little one into the world, and then cocoon ourselves in the precious get-to-know-you babymoon.  It’s as close to “doing the Baby’s room” as we’ll get for quite a while, I think.  No doubt you will feel the reverberations from that crazy, crazy, unstoppable activity in your part of the world.  Should you find yourself in the path of a Superhero near you, just step aside and let her pass, marveling at the swath of order and clean that she brings, making the Scrubbing Bubbles with their superficial sudsy trail jealous.

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