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Inauguration Celebration

Inauguration Celebration
January 21, 2009 Mary Jo

In the wee hours of yesterday morning, Isadora and I lay snuggled together under the blankets’ warmth, watching as the room slowly gave way to the morning’s emerging light.  “Today is the day”, I said, “the day Barack Obama becomes our President.”  We’d been talking about him sporadically since the election, when she first took notice of him.  Yesterday, we talked of the excitement, the parties and parades, and the hard, hard work that lay ahead.  So began our day.

Shortly thereafter, my travels through the daily blog-reading route turned up these:  Baracka Maracas.  Isadora spotted them on my screen and as soon as as those words left my mouth, they were officially cemented as a must-have (or must-make) for our own Inauguration celebration.   We do love us a good, catchy name to attach to our crafty projects.  With the maracas already in our music-making collection, all we needed were the Barackas to seal the deal.

Without TV reception, I had initially feared that watching the ceremony would not be possible, but it turns out you can watch just about anything online.  Failing that, the entire ceremony was broadcast on NPR, so I knew that somehow or another, I’d catch it and participate in the excitement and history-making.  Except that I didn’t.

As our 44th President was being sworn in, I was lying flat on my back in the Doctor’s office, feet in stirrups, naked from the waist down.  An impromptu visit; nothing serious, but rather disappointing nonetheless.  And a rather funny anecdote to contribute to all of the “where were you when…” conversations that have ensued since.

Instead, our celebrations commenced later in the evening, with Daddio joining us on the harmonica and lollipop drum.  We shook those maracas and danced to the beat of our own drums and found our own unique way to join the worldwide celebration.  It was perfect.

Even Svejk joined in the fun, in his very own I’m-Old-and-Cold-and-Grouchy-So-Please-Leave-Me-Alone sort of way.

And now Barack Obama has joined the ever-growing cast of imaginary friends that inhabit our home and Isadora’s play, surely one of his more pleasant new appointments.  Welcome, Mr. President!

I should also note that Isadora is clad in her 3rd wardrobe ensemble of the day, coordinated by herself, and wished to give a shout-out to the Green Bay Packers.  Our loyalties in this house are far-reaching, afterall.

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