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The transformation is almost complete.

The transformation is almost complete.
January 27, 2009 Mary Jo

Project Bedroom Transformation has now entered the final stages, marked with the completion of these curtains.

Curtain dressing is a tricky thing around here.  Privacy’s not so much an issue; the neighbors are too far away to glean a decent view of anything within these walls. (as far as I know…)  Having moved from a cave-like hobbit hole of a house into this spacious, well-lit dwelling place of light, we’re much more apt to worship the windows and the view they afford rather than cover them up with frilly dresses for modesty’s sake.  Until that view compromises nap time, of course, the most holy of daily rhythms.  The packing tape was barely lifted from the moving boxes before I rushed out to find the most opaque curtains I could afford to drown out some of that glorious light and allow my little one to maintain her luxuriously-long nap schedule.  These were what I returned with- a plain powder-blue velvet panel for each of her FIVE bedroom windows.  Oh how they clashed with the Caribbean aqua color of the walls, offending my comparatively liberal color sense every time I entered the room.  For over a year this battle went on; I don’t know how she got any sleep in there at all.  Finally, finally, we repainted the walls a lovely pale yellow and for the trim – a fresh creamy hue with a whisper of butter.  And the curtains let out a sigh of relief.   So I promptly hauled them to my sewing room where cutting and splicing and sewing and dreaming all came together to create the appliques that now adorn these powder-blue beauties.  Five curtains are a lot to transform from blah to 3yr-old-wonderland-worthy, and it took some time.  In the process, a thrifted suit jacket was compromised, lending its serendipitously-matching brown and blue plaid and silky brown liner to the creation of the gnarled oak branches.  A yellow chenille bedspread, used in countless projects before, volunteered its services once again to become the whimsical circle blooms that also happen to mimic the light of the newly-painted walls perfectly.

Shown here is the panel along her bed, with a special, custom-made hanging owl’s nest pocket to give a home to her favorite little owl, bequeathed the name Cucumber in a quick moment of inspiration from Daddio.

Cucumber could write her own blog, I think, being incredibly well-travelled for a little owl I made in a batch of 75 two Christmas seasons ago.  Something about her caught Isadora’s eye and she’s remained a faithful play companion in such adventures as “Fun in the Chicken Run”, “Carseat Companion” and “Going to Grandma’s House”  to name a few.

Just a few more loose ends to tie up today before I call the bedroom project finised for now.  A photo tour will follow, of course, so stay tuned.  In the future, I hope to make a quilted duvet and a nice, big rag rug, but even in my nesting-induced hormonal delirium, I recognize these as projects for later and not mandated before the arrival of THE BABY.  Though there are plenty of otherwise-irrational must-do tasks on that list…

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