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Bedroom Wrap-Up makes way for Master Bedroom Redo v.2.0

Bedroom Wrap-Up makes way for Master Bedroom Redo v.2.0
February 6, 2009 Mary Jo

As promised, here’s the recap of Isadora’s Bedroom redo.  Had I had my wits about me, I would have taken “before” shots for optimum transfomation appreciation, but we all know my wits are pretty preoccupied right now with a panoply of projects…

The walls have adopted a pale yellow hue, leaving behind a bright, bold color I’ll call Caribbean Turquoise.  We used AFM Safecoat paint in flat for the walls and in semi-gloss for the trim.  Loved the flat, but found the semi-gloss really thick and goopy.  Still, it was a minor inconvenience, far outweighed by the dramatic lack of odor.  Andrew suggested we take it all back and claim it wasn’t working, since we couldn’t smell it.  Tongue-in-cheek, of course.

The curtains are still waiting for Captain Daddio to arrive with his toolbox to install the tieback hardware.

A red and white candy-striped thrifted bedsheet was pulled from my stash to make the dresser top and laundry bin.

All of the switchplates were covered with a photocopied section from a Nikki McClure print taken from our book.  Oh, how I love this book.  Love, love, love.  It seems to be a manifesto for us here at Five Green Acres.  The pages are slowly migrating from the book to our mis-mash of thrifted, repainted frames and claiming their rightful place on our walls. No doubt some will end up on these beautiful pale yellow walls.

Okay.  Good to tie up this loose end before we head into the weekend, which has officially been declared a Nesting Action Weekend.  On the agenda is the painting and redo of our master bedroom, where I envision our baby entering the world and spending a good deal of time.  We’re planning a homebirth and I think I’d like to set up shop in the bedroom.  Almost as crucial as the rented birthing tub will be the calm serenity emanating from a room that’s “got it together”.  Right?  Right. My midwife laughed when I expressed the need to get these painting/decorating projects done, joking that HGTV would not be present for the birth. But these projects are for me, for my well-being and sanity.  Though I would not be ashamed should the film crew unexpectedly arrived to film the decor…

Here are some before shots to build up the suspense…

The shadow you see on the walls are plaster patches.  There are also a few newer cracks for Captain Daddio to tackle with his magic plaster gun.

The floors, a bold magenta color, will have to wait for a later wave of ambition and project-tackling.  Even I recognize that redoing the floors now is outside the scope of my super-human nesting prowess.

And now, off to prep the trim for paint.  Look alive – Nesting Action Weekend has begun.

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