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It was a Vampire Weekend.

It was a Vampire Weekend.
February 9, 2009 Mary Jo

Had a camera been present for our Nesting Action Weekend, the footage would look something like this video from Vampire Weekend.  Imagine paint brushes in their hands and you’ll be spot-on.

It’s Isadora’s most-requested video of late.  She’s drumming up a robust fan club around here, with rousing edicts of “Lucy (a pug) – howl if you like Vampire Weekend!”  Of course Lucy obliges her.  Who doesn’t love Vampire Weekend? flamenco-curtain So the paint was flying this weekend, but even more vigorously, the wheels in my head were spinning out of control after receiving the latest Anthropologie catalog.  I ripped out this page and carried it with me around the house for a few hours, admiring it and intending to file it away in the “inspiration for future projects” folder, until a realization hit me square between the eyes:   our bedroom windows required these curtains.  They must be made (copied) immediately.  Or all units would self-destruct.    All. Weekend. Long. I obsessed over the hows and the whens.  All. Weekend. Long.

And so it shall be.

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