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This plate must be very, very big.

This plate must be very, very big.
February 17, 2009 Mary Jo

Here are some quick pics of the projects on my plate right now…

All currently in progress.

Rug.  Hasn’t grown tremendously in size, but all fabric has been cut into strips and wound into user-friendly balls.  And piled into a disappointingly-meager mound.  For all of the back-breaking cutting and winding that I did, I was hoping for a much greater, much more satisfying stash.  Looks like there will be much more cutting and winding in the future of this 8′ x 10′ rug before our toes start reaping some warming benefit.  Sigh.

Bedroom painting is done, but walls are still bare, awaiting their framed companions.  The switch plates have been covered in my absolute favorite fabric –  from Denyse Schmidt’s Katie Jump Rope collection.

Ahh.  The new wall color is so lovely.

And, in the knitting bag, you’ll find this buttery-soft baby blanket.  If you frequent blog land, you may recognize the pattern as the same one Soule Mama knit recently.  I even used the same yarn, albeit in a different color.  I’m a little self-conscious of the blatant lack of independent thought here, but why recreate the wheel when she seemed to nail it perfectly?

So there you have it – a sneak peek into the crazy whirlwind of creative energy still at work here.  Not pictured:  the crusty dishes not-so-patiently waiting to be washed, the post-natural disaster status of the living room, and the mass migration of the Asian Beetle from the window frames and floors to the bag of my vacuum cleaner.

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