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We awoke on the shores of the Caribbean.

We awoke on the shores of the Caribbean.
March 2, 2009 Mary Jo

I hadn’t meant to be gone for so long.  Working feverishly on these curtains and the countless other projects on my dashboard, preparing for our homebirth, visiting friends, entertaining family, vehicle repair, and lots and lots of rest had all drained the blog well to a point of drought last week.

But here I am, and more importantly, here are the *much anticipated* curtains.  I am perfectly content with how they’ve manifested.

Yesterday was a day of crossing off The List.  It was precipitated, of course, by the completion of The Curtains, which created a momentum of project tackling that left bystanders in the wake wide-eyed and awestruck by its sheer force.  Pictures were hung, plants were potted, lamps were assembled.  The rag rug received some attention, after sulking for weeks in the shadow of The Curtains.

And my baby sighed a hearty sigh from the depths of my womb as the last curtain was hung, for now there was one less barrier to its grand emergence into our world.  I was not in the least prepared to begin this birthing process until they were completed and was unwaveringly clear about this.  Really.  Irrational?  Yes.  Impractical?  Mostly.  We can’t have sunlight streaming into our baby’s eyeballs while we take to a round-the-clock cat napping schedule.  But urgent?  You bet. Their role is inestimable in setting the mood for this journey of birthing, as is their potency in delivering regular doses of calm and peace and gentle You-Can-Do-It.  All of these things I infused directly into the finely woven threads of their fabric, stirred into the dye pots, sewed into the seams.  They are in fact a crucial part of my drug-free, at home, natural birth plan.

I’m struck by the serendipitous deja vu of these room preparations.  One year ago at this time, we were preparing for an actual visit to the Caribbean, our first real vacation in years.  We looked with anticipation to the rejuvenation and restoration and reconnection we were seeking from the land of azure seas.  And we found it.

This year, exactly one year later perhaps, the Caribbean comes to us.  Our bed sits contentedly afloat in this peaceful sea, where the horizon of our walls is infinite and the soothing waves of the curtains lull us into a place of groundedness.  And very, very literally, the birthing tub that is scheduled to arrive in a few weeks will complete the idyll.  Patience, Little One in my belly.  I very respectfully decline to begin the birthing process until said tub is in place.  I think you’ll agree.

And now, as I’m finally snapping out of my slightly-obsessed curtain reverie, I see that the practical nuts-and-bolts of daily life, baby preparation (like laundering baby’s clothing and diapers) and other creative obligations are waiting.  I’m a day late in mailing my mobile for Elsie Marley’s Mobile Swap, for one, with my idea not yet fully conceived.

So it’s off, once again, to the real world.  I’ve armed myself with The List, this week focusing on the less sensational of the To Dos.  I promise teapots, feathered harbingers of spring, and who knows what other crafty endeavors.  Stay tuned.

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