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Join us for tea, won’t you?

Join us for tea, won’t you?
March 3, 2009 Mary Jo

It could be said that I have a weakness for teapots.

As I tour the house with the camera in hand to collect these photos (they are all ours, not a collection of random flickr photos), even I’m surprised by how many I’ve amassed over the years.  Can you blame me though?  Don’t they indeed make the perfect vessel for plants (especially neglected orchids) and wooden spoons?  Given these indisputable facts, would you join my husband in resigned head-shaking and smirks as I unveil the latest thrifted additions to the teapot family, writing it off as one of my hopeless quirks?  I think you know better.  I think you, too, would instead join me in unabashed homage to their fantastic design, the infinite variations within this simple design, and the warm coziness they bring to the house.  At the very, very least, you’d become so accustomed to greeting the new acquisitions I present in my thrifting Show and Tell that you’d soon become resigned to their presence, maybe even appreciative.

These two are the latest additions to the decor family, planted and hung in the post-curtain frenzy of Sunday evening.  They reside in our stairwell, soaking up the Southwestern sun and fostering a new generation of Grandma’s geraniums.  My tool-wielding husband kindly mounted the primitive who-knows-what-this-was-used-for antique wooden base from which these two tea planters hang.

Rather clever, isn’t it, that there’s plenty of room to hang MORE teapots in this grouping?  Yes, I thought so too.  I’ve added them to my shopping list.

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