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The word of the day is Fecund.

The word of the day is Fecund.
March 16, 2009 Mary Jo

fe·cund adj.

1. Capable of producing offspring or vegetation; fruitful.
2. Marked by intellectual productivity. See Synonyms at fertile.

Yesterday’s air was ripe with Spring Metaphor.  The return of the light, Birth, Rebirth, the unabashed celebration of Life… all were the themes dominating the airwaves, hitting us with an all-the-instruments-playing-simultaneously-in-harmony symphonic intensity.  The sun was gloriously generous, blanketing our corner of the world in skin-baring warmth.  A tree full of blackbirds composed their own raucous, but beautiful symphony as we exited the car and made our way to a Lambing Open House at a nearby farm. And there I was, in my heavily-laden, pregnant splendor, joining the chorus of Spring delegates as Fertility Incarnate.

Of all the places to find yourself while carrying an almost-full-term baby in your very priminent, very bulging belly, a lambing barn is certainly one of the more thought-provoking.  Andrew joked that I was among my own kind as we communed with the ewes yet to give birth.  I cooed and sighed and murmured knowingly to them, my empathy tempered with a sincere gratitude that I carried only one baby, versus the twins or triplets that many of the ewes bore.  “That’s exactly how I feel,” said I, as we watched them slowly, carefully amble to a new resting spot.

Pendulous, swollen udders caught our eyes, so full of milk they seemed on the verge of bursting.  The lambs attacked them with such vigor we first laughed at their enthusiasm, then winced as they tugged and bit the nipples aggressively, with empathy for the Momma.  It was an empathy that was likely unwarranted, as the ewes seemed not to mind the brutal force.  “Breast is best!” might have been the slogan of this little one, mingling perfect nourishment with unabashed tail-wagging pleasure.

The mothers on the Other Side, having already given birth, eyed my belly knowingly and offered up gentle words of encouragement for the arduous task ahead of me.

In addition to the sheep, the farm offered an impressive assortment of other spring mascots:  chicks, calves, bunnies, piglets, and turkeys.

It was the perfect way to spend the day, attuning ourselves a bit more with Nature’s rhythms.

Should you find yourself in the area looking for a similar slice of life, the farm is hosting the event for both of the remaining Saturdays in March.

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