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My crowning achievement, if a bag to carry diapers can be considered an achievement.

My crowning achievement, if a bag to carry diapers can be considered an achievement.
April 1, 2009 Mary Jo

Curtains, please.  Here it is – the crowning achievement of my lastest “making” frenzy:  our ultimate diaper bag.

Born out of necessity, as our previous bag had served us well but was in retirement, I set out to explore the world of diaper bags already made, patterns to make your own, and fabrics that would look nice on both my and Daddio’s shoulder.  After weeding through all of the options, I finally found this fabric and was sold.  With some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, I splurged on a whole half yard.  And I used every single piece of that half yard, as you’ll soon see.

I used no pattern, but based the design loosely from our previous bag, adding some length and harvesting some of the hardware to reuse.  That lovely little skunk applique was a freebie I got years ago with an order of a hand-printed shirt.  I wish I could remember where it came from; I’d love to see if she was still making the appliques.  We call her Skertie Gunk, from Shel Silverstein’s backwards book Runny Babbit.  Skertie also graced the front of our last diaper bag, so she’s a well-seasoned veteran and seems to be the perfect diaper mascot.  The yellow fabric came from my stash, as did the trim and the heavy upholstery fabric you can’t see that is sandwiched between the layers to give it all some body.

The blue lining fondly remembers its days long ago as a table cloth, but recognizes that day in the thrift shop when I selected it as a turning point in its life of service.  The yellow pouch is from my surplus of canvas/vinyl pouches, which I have for sale here.  It was the perfect “cheater” pocket, as I only had to sew it in, rather than construct it from scratch at 11:30 pm Saturday night after my epiphany that an interior pocket was indeed necessary.

The back pocket houses the changing pad.  The magnetic closure and all of the zippers came directly from my stash, thoroughly justifying the “it’s only overkill until you need it and don’t have it” principle.  So satisfying to go to the tangled mess of zippers and select from a few the best suited for the project at hand.

The changing pad used up the last two tiny strips of mushroom fabric.  The red vinyl on the reverse came from the old diaper bag’s changing pad.  I don’t stock vinyl in my stash.

Oh, the process was slow-going, as I tried to pre-sew it  in my head to figure out the best way to put it all together.  I was pretty poor company this weekend in the few moments I wasn’t physically in my studio sewing, because I was so busy sewing in my head.  It was a bit OCD, and Andrew joked that he hardly saw me all weekend.  But the end result is just what we were looking for and I’m quite sure it will serve us well.

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