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Still goin’…

Still goin’…
April 6, 2009 Mary Jo

Let’s start off the week with another round of Show and Tell.

A few thoughts on the color grey:  has this color existed prior to a few months ago?  I’m not sure I ever noticed if it did.  Regardless, it’s made a big splash in my design world of late, with its particular skill of setting off other colors. (like pale yellow)  Mmmn.  I’m loving that color combo right now, and am in danger of overusing it.  This sweet sweater is a little something for the baby that I finished this weekend.  I saw it on another blog, but was so frantic to find the pattern that I forgot just where I was when I saw it.  If you feel a similar “Must Have It” magnetism, you can find it here.  I didn’t stray too much from the color and yarn of the original.

This is a little Easter basket I whipped up in less than an hour one day while Isadora was pretending to nap.  The rag ball was from my stash of vintage, family-made beauties.  All I had to do was figure out how to crochet in the round, which turns out to be pretty easy.

This will be the first year of putting out a basket for Peter Cottontail to fill – somehow we didn’t get to introducing the concept last year and it quietly passed by without notice.  The basket I had picked up from a thrift shop and planned on embellishing ended up buckling under the weight of all of the other random Easter decorations that Isadora has been stuffing into it and parading around the house.

This project is a very direct, unabashed homage to Maya*Made.  While on a weekend getaway a few weeks ago, I became the proud new owner of this burlap coffee sack, which I thought would make a lovely laundry bag for the baby’s room.  It’s lined in a creamy canvas and the stiffness of the burlap makes for a nice dirty-clothes-vessel, but after sewing it late Sat. night I came to the conclusion that Maya can’t possibly be charging enough for hers.  Sewing with burlap takes a special skill and patience, so hats off to her.

And then I spent Sunday whipping out two of these.  Really, folks, this is pure insanity.  One of them was for a Thank You gift, and the other is a super-surprize-prize for a friend because, really, you might as well make two at the same time.  Really.

All this, and my studio is once again clean!

The baby’s clothes and drawers are still a jumbled mess, the bathrooms need to be cleaned, I deferred all meal-making to my wonderful husband, and there are bills to pay, but LOOK AT ALL THE GREAT STUFF I MADE!

Just when I thought I might be nearing the end of my Feverish Sewing Escapades, Meg at SewLiberated posted this.  REALLY?  (how could I resist??)  I wasted no time calling my local fabric shop to see if they stocked the pattern.  They did.  I easily worked it into our in-town errand-running and it’s now taking residence on my sewing table, waiting, just waiting for its turn.  I’m pretty sure the baby clothes can wait a few more days to be organized…..

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