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Oh, the Sewing I could Sew…

Oh, the Sewing I could Sew…
May 14, 2009 Mary Jo

So many projects are congregating on my workroom table. What was once excited whispering among them has now turned to a panicked recognition of their state of purgatory.  How long must they languish there before their day of glory at the sewing machine?  I don’t know, little beauties.  Sigh.  I don’t know.

A linen shirt awaits the day of fruition, the day it becomes the Happy Birthday Gift it was earmarked for.  But sewing time doesn’t come easily with one child in the house, much less two.  To say that it’s been a tough transition from Crazy-Making-A-Dozen-Shiny-New-Things-A-Day-In-My-Studio to NEWBORN TIME! is a big, huge understatement.  Thank goodness for knitting.  It, at least, is a bit more “stuck-in-this-chair-breastfeeding”  or “can’t-put-this-baby-down-for-a-second” friendly.


Could this possibly be an ergonomic sewing posture?

So far my vertebraic sources say, “No!” but I will keep trying.

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