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A suitable compromise

A suitable compromise
May 28, 2009 Mary Jo

Now that summer’s almost upon us, I’m consumed by a desire to build a summer wardrobe.  For each of us.  In all my sewing time.  Perhaps the sense of urgency I feel to do this stems from the fact that I’ve not yet unpacked the bins of summer clothes that have been retrieved from the attic.  It seems that we were adequately clothed last summer, and I would imagine that most of those clothes are still suitable for wear this year, but…Isadora’s grown, I’ve grown (and hope to continue ungrowing as the summer progresses), and Mr. Errol was only a twinkle in our eye.  So I have grand visions of shirtdresses for me (allowing Errol easy access to the all-you-can-eat milk buffet), sundresses and skirts and pj pants for Isadora; rompers and pants for Errol.  For Andrew, there’s still the I.O.U. for one birthday shirt that needs to be fulfilled.  Rather ambitious goals for someone who goes to bed before 10 pm each night, often with her children.

Clearly a compromise is in order.

So I’ve changed my focus from garment construction to garment reconstruction, starting with existing clothes and making a few key changes to turn them into wardrobe cornerstones.  The above skirt (for me!) was transformed from a sleeveless blouse and the waistband of some leggings which were not cutting it in the flattery department.  That was easy.

It’s the perfect time of year for this kind of thing, too, with thrifting opportunities at almost every corner, announced by big, fluorescent signs pointing to a garage or yard near you.  My epiphany, however, hit me on a Wednesday, with no rummage sales to speak of, so the Goodwill had to suffice.  I’m notoriously lacking in patience.

The Princess of Skirts shall have many to choose from this summer, after these lose the grown-up waist and adopt that of a 4T.  They will be plenty twirly, too, which will please the Princess, though it would be easy enough to bring in the side seams, should she have a change of heart.

Most importantly, they’ll all go perfectly with the new (free!) tap shoes scored at a church rummage sale.  Which, of course, is the most important criteria right now.

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