Five Green Acres Mary Jo + Andrew Borchardt Poynette, WI
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Showers likely.

Showers likely.
June 8, 2009 Mary Jo

These five green acres have been a flurry of activity lately.  Sewing, sowing, serging, printing…baby giggling, pebble collecting, sandbox playing, rummage sale-ing…flock decimation, flock defending, reality checking.  Details to come, I assure you.

To begin:  printing.

I was reminded of my desire to try my hand at block printing by the luscious printing at Maya*Made.  Go ahead and check it out  – I dare you to not be similarly inspired to try it yourself.  Whiney aside:  It is so hard to read these fantastically crafty and inspiring blogs day after day and not want to duplicate each and every awesome thing I see.  Sometimes I triumph and come up with an idea purely my own; other times I succumb to the inspiration, creating my own designs from the very fertile soil laid down by another crafty soul.  This is one such time.

So here are the facts:

Due to overwhelming inspiration, block printing is now compulsory.

The sandhill cranes have returned from their wintering to their familiar soft spot in my heart, begging for some sort of artistic tribute.

Our shower curtain, inherited with the house, has become so foul and offensive to the senses (nose and eyes and touch) that even Andrew speaks up.  He’s usually much more tolerant of these things than I.

Hemp canvas is ordered, chosen for its amazing antibacterial properties.  The hope is to avoid using a disgust-o vinyl liner while simultaneously keeping the mold count down.  Fingers are crossed; we’ll let you know if it works.

This is the outcome.  Delicious.

Block printing is rather addicting, it turns out.  Feeling the love of the white on blue, I made a handful of prints on linen which are on their way to my etsy shop.  I also ordered a box full of assorted blocks to carve other images into, so I’ll be using all of my available restraint to keep from pouncing on the FedEx delivery truck this week.

I’m totally hooked.

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