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This is July.

This is July.
July 15, 2009 Mary Jo

I’ve mentioned the importance of the water to our Summer selves.  But we’re finding lots of ways to drink in the season.

A nest of newly-hatched robins, found up north at Grandma and Grandpa’s cottage.  Momma and Daddy Robin decided to build this nest on a utility meter along the side of the cottage, making it sooooooooo hard for this 3 1/2 year old to heed our “DO NOT TOUCH” directives.

St. John’s Wort, found here on the Acres!  I’ve been trying to buy some to plant for months and reached a dead-end after being told it grows wild, like a weed.  (We use St. John’s Wort oil in homemade salves to help heal our wounds with a quickness.)  Having only seen pictures of the flower in books, I had no idea what the whole plant looked like and doubted I’d run across it, or recognize it if I did.  And Then!  On a little nature walk one day, I found it RIGHT THERE!  Together, Isadora and I cut the blooming tops off, enough to stuff a pint jar, then added olive oil, filling to the top, and placed the sealed jar on our picnic table to soak in the sun and release its goodness into the oil.   I explained to Isadora that the oil should turn red after sucking the medicine (hypericin) from the flowers, and not a day has passed in which she’s not checked to see if it’s turned red.  Still a budding little herbalist, that girl.

This may or may not be the jawbone of the raccoon that ravaged our chicken coop.  It was brought to my attention by Lucy, the would-be hound dog.

The box reads, “Please remove this box to reveal the truly attractive inner box for in-store display.” Such language!  We’re reminded that the most simple things are the best for play.  Especially when you have something to put in it.

We like to think of these little “experiences” Lucy has as payback for the regular shenanigans she pulls, namely jumping onto the kitchen table and eating off our plates when we’ve our backs turned for a millisecond.  As long as she’s not being hurt, we step aside and let the Karma Police sentence her to Isadora’s whims.  We may even find some satisfaction in the justice being served.  (insert evil cackle here)

And Dress-Up.  No snapshot of this point in time would be accurate without some representation of her most favorite play.  This year, the ruby red slippers Grandma picked up, in all her wisdom, were fully embraced and worn everywhere.  Add a sparkly new purse to house your collection of dice, pebbles, and stray coins, and you’re ready to go.

In short, our days are filled to the brim with Summer.

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