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Random Summer Snapshots

Random Summer Snapshots
July 29, 2009 Mary Jo

Let’s go on a visual tour of the last month’s highlights, shall we?

Broccoli harvest!  It almost got away on us, with one head exuberantly bursting into flower while we weren’t looking.  And we’re trying not to look very often, as each stolen, guilty glance reveals the plethora of weeds fornicating with abandon, growing their population exponentially with each day of our continued neglect.  Shameful, all around, with no regard for population control.

Has anyone else noticed how the last few loaves of the Artisan 5 Minute Bread are much runnier than those of a fresh batch?  The dough inevitable sticks to my bread peel as I’m tring to heave it onto the hot baking stone in the oven, yet no amount of corn meal on the peel works to prevent this struggle.  No matter – it’s still delicious and far more conversational than the loaves that look like they manifested from the pages of the cookbook.  I’ve yet to see anyone post a photo of their homemade loaf that was not cookbook-photo-shoot-worthy, so here goes.  I call this one “Whale,” from my “Sea Life” series.  It was debuted at Dinner last night and was received with much fanfare and spreadable goat cheese.  The adjacent exhibit,  “Vegetable Beef Soup,” helped the Artist portray the cogency of “Whale” that she sought.

After an extended dry period, the rain returned, irrigating the green outdoors in more ways than one.  The scene above quickly escalated to include one Lucy pug being covered in the wet, soupy mixture.

We discovered that a bucket full of rain-saturated sidewalk chalk makes the most beautiful “painty” pictures.

I almost forgot – swimming lessons!  Started and completed in July, she gained so much more than simple water skills.  Standing in line, waiting her turn, and not sqirting her neighbor with the floaty toy, namely.  Things I hadn’t thought to teach her at home.

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