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Please call me Dorothy, she said.

Please call me Dorothy, she said.
September 4, 2009 Mary Jo

We were invited to spend the weekend with some good friends in their camper last weekend.  The friends, who we haven’t seen for so long, were great.  The camper was great.  Meeting new playmates was great.  The weather – not so.  Rain and rain and rain and rain.  And while it rained:  c-o-o-o-l-d.  The campground’s special Halloween trick or treating event had to be moved inside to the teeny-tiny game room.  (Halloween was celebrated prematurely that weekend; by late Oct the campers are all winterized.)

If you know anything at all about me by now, you’ll understand how it was imperative that I make Isadora’s costume.  (Oh, how we love Halloween.  Always have –  see Matthew and Gunnar Nelson for more details.)  It was handy to pull out this men’s Oxford shirt that I had scored at a rummage sale for the explicit purpose of reconstructing it into Dorothy’s apron dress.  Never mind that it’s been on my studio’s To Do pile for months now.  You and I both know that I had no choice but to make it the day we left for camping.  I intend to post a little tutorial on the process – it was so fast and easy that I started and finished it during the kids’ naptime.  Later, though.

Because it was made during Dorothy’s naptime, I had to guess at her waist measurement.  I guessed a wee bit low, but the adjustment will be a quick and easy one if I can find my way back to the sewing machine.  Captain Daddio was called into service to pick up the shoes on his way home from work after Project Ruby Red, Plan A fell through.  He swooped in heroically to present the shimmering jewels, securing his Super-Hero status indefinitely.

Oh, just look at all that candy.  Enough to last the whole family for 2 months….until the real Halloween.  No, thank you.  None for the Boy, I had to tell the generous candy distributors.  He doesn’t even have teeth yet.

And that Boy?  He was sporting a ready-made Red Hot Chili Pepper costume that I scored at a garage sale for one dollar.

Yes, we really were in the campground’s game room.  (not really rustic camping, of course)  Our apologies to the fat old men sprawled at the video poker machines that we had to weave around, heavily laden with kids, costumes, and wet jackets.  Hope we didn’t interfere with your lucky streak.

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