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Mr. Dapper Man

Mr. Dapper Man
September 22, 2009 Mary Jo

A family wedding provided the perfect opportunity, er, excuse, to sew Errol a nice party suit.  It was a prototype of sorts, crafted while he slept, with only some measurements and other clothes of his to use as a fitting guide.  It’s about 90% perfect; a bit tight around the hay-belly, as you can see, and a smidge too tight around the big fat cloth diaper butt.  I had no idea it would be so fun to make little clothes for a boy!  Given the appalling lack of ready-to-wear options, it would seem that very little designing time was spent on the little guys.  No matter – I can do it myself, thank you.

The fabric is some faux-herringbone velvet-like fabric I pulled from my stash.  (this is why it’s nice to have a big stash)  I lined the pants with white flannel for a comfy softness befitting wee, chubby legs.  The bow tie, crowning the ensemble like a juicy red cherry, was actually a man-sized bow tie that I had to cut down to size and sew shut by hand.  The embroidered running stitch along the edges of the vest was great fun too, and made for an entertaining ride in the car as we traveled to the wedding.  Because of course I finished it hours before the wedding.  Of course I did.

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